{Halloween Deluxe} Not at all Poor Pumpkin Knight with crispy ham and maple syrup

A ch yes, halloween. How do I say it through the flower: In the beginning we did not really get warm together, the American fair and me. The idea that after work after noon at the doors of other people rings and robs these poor people not only their deserved rest, but also extends candy collection container, I'm somehow not very scary. That's why I never had sweet stuff on my own at the right time, and I had to be by one or the other neighbor's child ... oh let's leave that.

I'm really lucky that I eventually moved in with the man , He drags home at exactly the right time sugary unbelievable in all possible and impossible colors home. While I was sitting on the couch in the past few years and found some ... distance ... great, the man happily stood at the door, handing out the sugar stuff full of hands to 1 meter 20 big ghosts and clone warriors.

Since our son was born, we are also really involved, in the Halloween matter. As a toddler, the best child of all wished very persistently to go with dad around the houses and ring their neighbors out of their bathtubs. At least. He does not have that from me - I just wanted to mention it briefly. But as always, I enjoy having offspring having fun. However, I still stubbornly refuse to actively harass my neighbors.

That's why I have another surprise in store this year. If the two boys are smugly and happy with themselves and their prey back home, there is one more thing on top: Halloween for everyone together in the home environment with delicious pumpkin knights in line with the occasion.

We will namely first sizzle together, then forgiven us on the sofa and when it rings, we just do not open. Halloween, I think we are going to be really good friends.

And here comes the recipe for 4 wonderfully lush arms Pumpkin Knight crispy ham and maple syrup

Brush 1 small hokkaido squash under water. Divide the pumpkin, scrape out the hay and seeds with a spoon and dice the pulp. Weigh 300 g and cook in a small pot in water for about 10 minutes until soft.

Puree the pumpkin with 150 ml of milk and 2 eggs , 1 tbsp sugar , 1 pinch of cinnamon , 2 pinches of freshly ground nutmeg , 1 pinch of ground vanilla pod and mix a little salt well. Place in a bowl with a flat bottom.

Place 4 thick slices of stale white bread (no toast!) In the pumpkin mixture and turn until completely covered. In a large pan 1 tablespoon of butter on medium heat and melt the slices of white bread in pumpkin after each other in a large pan melt (even if it is difficult and you always just want to manschen) put in the pan. Fry each side until it becomes an appetizing crust. Keep warm.

In a second pan heat 1 tsp butter .Cuddle on the sofa or in bed and insert a family-friendly scary movie. Great Cinema!

Tip: Anyone who does not have stale bread (understandably) in stock will pick up fresh and dry the writing for 5-10 minutes at 140 ° C in the oven.