Melon Space Invader

"Maaaaamaaaaaaaaa, can I Nintendo?" My dearest son speaks to me me. And without verbs and articles. For this in this certain Leierton, in which I always set up the inner hackles immediately. I suspect something terrible. Well, let's go.

I lay the knife out of my hand, with which I'm cutting a melon, and turn around to face him. He leans against the wall with Mortuary Bitter Mine. "Kannich?" He asks. I spontaneously decide to skip language education today and to deal directly with the content. Now do not get bogged down with theaters of war, otherwise it will be very wild. "Darling, you already watched TV this morning. That's why there is no Nintendo now. "

A depression as big as Niccaragua is gathering in our kitchen and settling on my sprout's forehead. His lower lip dangles at knee height. "I'm abba laaaaaaangweilig", he laments extremely mischievous. It will be more difficult than expected. I turn back to my melon.

"Read something. Dad bought you the great comics you really wanted. And you still have the anthology with the Five Friends that I gave you. These are really great, exciting stories. I loved them when I was a kid. "

" I do not want to read. I want Nintendo ", it laments behind me. I keep my posture, breathe deeply and am very proud of myself.

"Honey, reading is so important, the foundation of everything. If you have a lot of practice in reading, that's no longer exhausting, but really great. There are a lot of exciting adventures waiting for you and you can find out about anything that interests you, learn everything. Is not that great? Nothing works without reading. "I dice the melon slices.

" That's not true. You do not need reading for maths, "says the 8-year-old, energetic black hole in my kitchen. "Reading is boring. I want to play LEGO Star Wars on my Nintendo. That's cool. "

" Well, you have to read for math too. For example, for word problems, "I throw eloquently into our edifying little entertainment. "Come on. Only four pages, and if you still do not enjoy it, let's think about it. "

He begins to push himself off the kitchen wall and then falls back with Karacho. Thud! Thud! Rummmms! Ha, I will not react to that now. I've been in the business for a bit longer.

"So now I can Nintendo?" It rattles violently because he slipped off the wall and hit my crockery shelf.

"NO , Say, did you even listen to me? Now stop throwing yourself against the wall. You're not three anymore. "I'm starting to get angry. How impertinent he can be! Of course he does not have that from me. But not from his father either. That's what a very distant relative has to get through. Breathe deeply.

I am very determined to win this game. Plan B has to come. I'm going to get my phone and look up something on the internet. Then I arrange the melon cubes on a small tray. Behind me on the wall is the ice age. You can almost grab his bad mood with your hands.

"Well, my darling. LEGO Star Wars is not in now. But you can have a Space Invader. "I present my Melon Cube Tray.

The child forgets in surprise the depression on his forehead and also the wall trampoline. "What is that?", He wants to know. "That looks funny!".

"That's from the days when there was no Nintendo and mom and dad were about the same age as you are now. Come on, we go to the living room and eat melon.I'll take some photos quickly and then carry the tray afterwards.

This game obviously goes to me. I'm looking forward to the next level ...

For all those who want to play again: Space Invaders.