The one and only turnip stew with sausage. A simple and delicious winter meal.

I ch love swede. Ok, I love them for a very small second a little bit less, when a magnificent 2 kilo copy of kitchen table kills and falls on my foot. Yes I know. Do not say anything now. But you also have to see the positive about the situation: You can wonderfully get the sports ointment and various cooling cushions from the fridge just a meter away and treat the bad spot. This unbeatable combination relieves the pain. I heard you say. So one is then immediately able to continue to cook gracefully one-legged. For example, a really fantastic heartwarming turnip stew (if you've got a cold foot already).

Turnips are pretty ugly at first glance - and beautiful on the second. Once you've broken up a thick specimen with the greatest muscular power (Schahaaaatz, you could just do that, the rutabaga, yes, I've got all the knives through, thank you.), The bright yellow interior with the scent reminiscent of radish lies before you. And this is especially hearty, slightly sweet and aromatic, if you cook it slowly or stewed for a while. I have no idea where the rutabaga suddenly brings out all that wonderful flavor. WAMM - suddenly it's there. It's magic. Therefore, for a tasty turnip stew, only a very few other ingredients, e.g. Carrots, onions and Mettwursts. For that you get a big pot with a simple and delicious winter meal. I love swede. And turnip stew. I think I said that.

Have it!

Turnip stew tastes great with a dollop of sour cream and fresh parsley (like in the classic, frizzy version).

And here comes the recipe for a big pot of wonderful winter food - turnip stew with sausage stew

(for 4-6 people)

1 kg of rutabaga (peeled) in cubes to cut. Peel and slice 800 g carrots (in addition, cut long carrots lengthways). Peel 2 onions and cut into cubes.

Place the vegetables in a large saucepan and cover two fingers with vegetable or beef broth . 2 bay leaves , add the chopped stems of 1 bunch parsley , black pepper and 1 teaspoon salt and bring to a boil.

Slice 6 slices or cabbage sausages (or the vegetarian version) and add to the stew. Simmer on a low flame for 1.5 hours. Finally, season with salt and pepper .

The stew tastes great with a dollop of sour cream and chopped fresh parsley/strong>.